July 22, 2011

Favorite Foods!

Being a picky eater has probably been the hardest part of this journey. I literally despise eating most vegetables, so this means I don't touch salads (I know, bad!) but of course I'll eat a potato ANY day ;) Same with fruits, I only eat a few and I am usually particular about how I eat them.

Making sure I get myself eating correctly with the small amounts of foods I do like (most of them not being the best choices) is a struggle. Here are some of my favorite snacks/meals I've been munching on recently!

Arnold Sandwich Thins (Honey Oat) are literally amazing. 100 calories and I love them 
with peanut butter or even with my lunch meats! So, so delicious. Pictured above:

Arnold Sandwich Thin (Honey Oat) - 100 Calories
1 tablespoon Jif Peanut Butter with Omega-3 - 95 Calories
Banana - 70 Calories

Total = 265 Calories of yum!

This right here is the BOMB! My newest addiction for sure. Perfect for breakfast or I might 
just have one of these bad boys as a snack. Here's a breakdown of everything:

Wild Harvest Organic Homestyle (2) Waffles - 180 calories
Honey drizzled on top - 60 calories
Cinnamon - maybe 6 calories?
Apples - 30 calories

Total = 276 calories

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  1. Jessica Worley - MorganAugust 13, 2011 at 8:46 PM

    This is amazing! Good luck on your weight loss! You look amazing!!