February 27, 2011

Heather | Lexington Portrait Photographer

It is a known fact now that this location is by far my most favorite. Everything about it screams "me" - whether it's the old grunge, graffiti or the fact that it has the perfect light no matter where you seem to stand. I could photograph this place day in and day out - too bad it's almost 400 miles away!

Heather is a former co-worker of mine when I lived back in Lexington and worked at Picture People. She and I have always had a similar style and flare for photography and I've made it a point to see her every time I visit so we can collaborate yet again! She had the lovely honor of photographing myself and my boyfriend, we ended up doing okay! I always get so nervous in front of the camera! We then traded off and I got to photograph her gorgeous face. She has such an awesome style and it was perfectly suited for this location.

I got carried away and posted quite a few but these are by far some of my favorite images to date! Enjoy!

February 25, 2011

Francesca + Isabella | Schaumburg Family Photographer

Frankie & Izzy are such stunning little ladies. One look at them and you completely fall in love with their gorgeous features. I swear I keep getting the most beautiful clients in front of my camera! This session was just so much fun! It was mainly focused on Miss Francesca's six month photos but Miss Isabella knew she needed to help and be a part of that :)

I love the connections between siblings, especially so at this young age. Izzy was very conscience of her little sister and making sure she did good - even helping me make her smile along the way! Some of these photos are extremely priceless. Nothing like a child staring ever so softly and seriously into the camera, giving such an incredible image in the end. Eye contact at this age means so much to me in a photo. I swear, eyes can tell so much about a person. Even at a young age, you can see so much!

I could go on and on about how much I loved these little ladies and their gorgeous session but I'll leave you with their preview to enjoy yourself!

Victoria, Vivian & Scottie | Orland Park Family Photographer

These three lovely kids were an absolute joy to photograph! In most circumstances, a three month old, three year old and five year old can be a little hectic but this was anything BUT that. Truly wonderful kids :)

Their home was beautiful and filled with the most gorgeous morning light piling through the windows. We got very lucky to have such a sunny day! We got to play around, watch a little Cinderella (so fun!) and had a blast together! Almost didn't want to leave this fun group of kids! Constant reminders of why I truly love my job. I am blessed!