February 27, 2011

Heather | Lexington Portrait Photographer

It is a known fact now that this location is by far my most favorite. Everything about it screams "me" - whether it's the old grunge, graffiti or the fact that it has the perfect light no matter where you seem to stand. I could photograph this place day in and day out - too bad it's almost 400 miles away!

Heather is a former co-worker of mine when I lived back in Lexington and worked at Picture People. She and I have always had a similar style and flare for photography and I've made it a point to see her every time I visit so we can collaborate yet again! She had the lovely honor of photographing myself and my boyfriend, we ended up doing okay! I always get so nervous in front of the camera! We then traded off and I got to photograph her gorgeous face. She has such an awesome style and it was perfectly suited for this location.

I got carried away and posted quite a few but these are by far some of my favorite images to date! Enjoy!