June 30, 2011

Renaissance | Orland Park Fashion Photographer

Do you ever have a dream photo shoot? This one was just that. It was built up as a small idea almost three months ago between myself, Katie and Leonie. We started it off with the idea of using a horse and it then compiled into becoming completely inspired by the Renaissance era, mixed with a little inspiration from Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette. 

We had everything working in our favor. We had the best hair/make up artist (Nagham Alzreiqat) who completely understood our vision. All I needed to do was show her a photo and she nailed it. Leonie DeRango was doing this shoot with me and I have to tell you, she is so talented. We mesh so well together, work well side by side and always are benefiting one another. I love working with such talented people! It makes the experience THAT much better!

We ended up only having about an hour of sun left by the time we got there so we pushed it and got in as much as we could. What an experience it was! I have only worked with horses a couple times before but this was just stunning! Totally fit the scene and added an extra bonus to the images :)

I love how much I've been expanding my portfolio recently. I hope to keep continuing on doing so!

Model: Katie Lundberg
Second Photographer: Leonie DeRango
Hair & Make-up: Nagham Alzreiqat

To make this even better, listen to the following :)

June 28, 2011

Bohemian Chic | Orland Park Fashion Photographer

I never get to venture "outside of the box" as much as I would like. I absolutely love my client work but I am always thinking of ideas in the back of my head for personal projects and ideas. I don't consider myself a fashion photographer, but whole heartedly appreciate it and would love to keep expanding myself in this genre of photography!

My good friend DeNae has such a gorgeous look. Her dark, european features totally stood out on camera! We decided early on to do something with a Bohemian theme, which then came to the "Bohemian Chic" style we ended up with! :) The lovely Miss Amanda Pignatello styled this shoot and there is a combo of both her clothes mixed in with DeNae's. So many things to choose from! We'll just have to do another shoot together!

We had a super gloomy overcast day, which also made us have to reschedule because we thought we'd get rained out. Luckily, we didn't and I am actually really okay with the moody overcast skies. It just adds to them and the atmosphere I wanted.

Once we got back, we impulsively decided that doing some shots in the pool would be the icing on the cake. Literally, I was so blown away with the results! I haven't done anything like that before and I really feel like I took a step in the right direction with this shoot. Hoping to do more just like this soon! I love exploring!

This was one of my last sessions with the 85L, I seriously miss that piece of glass. Must invest in that ;)