June 20, 2011

Meghan | Lockport + Homer Glen Teen Portrait Photographer

This was one of those shoots where I left feeling like I gained something amazing. I can't exactly pin point what it was, but I just felt overwhelmed by the fact that I get to do this almost every day of my life. Meghan reminded me of the true beauty in every aspect of her personality. I absolutely adore the fact that these girls feel on top of the world when I work with them. They don't need to be on the cover of a magazine to feel like something special. Each young lady I meet is truly something out of this world! They are all bright, beautiful and caring young people. I am so honored that I get the chance to meet these gorgeous people!

Meghan and I had such a great time together. Sure, it was hot out, but we didn't let that bring us down. She nailed everything I asked her to do without a flaw. Watch out for this one - I totally can see her doing big things! :) Some of my favorite images to date are from this shoot and I think it's because we both really had an understanding of what we needed and wanted from this shoot. So, thank YOU Megan for helping me! <3


  1. This is awesome! great locations too. May I ask where you've shot these?