May 14, 2011

Liz | Lockport + Homer Glen Senior Portrait Photographer

I think I can safely say that if I could photograph Seniors, all day, every day - I'd be pretty happy! Not that I don't love photographing everything else, but my passion really comes forth when I get a fun model, location and knowing that these girls will leave their session with all the confidence in the world! 

Liz is a Senior at Andrew High School and had a very special job this day! Not only was she being photographed by myself, but also was being filmed for my very special Promotional Video! This was the first segment. The lovely Erin Lashley and Darien Brown followed us along and captured the whole entire evening. I can only imagine how much footage they have as I ended up taking just over 600 images myself!! A new record, for sure.

We had an unusually warm day, very warm actually! It's either cold & rainy or hot & muggy. Spring can't seem to just act like...Spring! Of all days to sweat to death, I was being filmed myself ;) Oh well! It's all for the cause! I am so completely happy with the results of these photos! Cannot wait to debut the full Promotional Video. No specific deadline yet. Still need to film the second segment next month - a full engagement session! How fun!! :)

Hope you guys can truly see the passion, creativity and fun atmosphere I am constantly experiencing when I photograph others thru these images. I am truly blessed!

Please listen to this music along with the images! It's the song I am hopefully using for the Promotional Video :)

May 13, 2011

Sammie C. | Aurora + Batavia Portrait Photographer

Meet the lovely Sammie! She was one of the models I found off of Model Mayhem. That website is totally hit or miss for me. I kept getting or finding people who really didn't suite my style. As much as I love fashion work, I need to keep my work a certain way across the board since I do offer services to families with children :)

Sammie had such a stellar style and as soon as I found her on MM, I immediately sent her a message asking about wanting to collaborate on a shoot! I knew exactly the style I wanted to go with. It started out with us just wanting to do some Urban Exploration of Downtown Aurora. I wanted a cool street style to the photos. A few hours before the shoot, I did some research as I was curious to find just one more spot for us to use. I knew Batavia was near by and had some amazing abandoned barns. Just a few minutes later I found a barn that had the exact location of where it was located! I was so stoked!!

We hit up Downtown Aurora for about an hour and found tons of spots in just a small area. I can't wait to go back there again and keep exploring. I already know there was a few spots I wasn't able to check out because of time but that's for next time! :) We enjoyed ourselves, listened to some music and had a totally chill time! We then took about a 25 minute drive out into the middle of no where where we found the most incredible abandoned farm! Literally perfection. We got there with about 35-40 minutes of sun left so we had the softest, most warm light you could imagine. There's a reason why I make my clients shoot at this time of day. The photos speak for themselves!