May 7, 2011

Bridget | Orland Park Senior Portrait Photographer

Having a blog and keeping up with it is probably one of the things I struggle with the most! Not only do my photos look MUCH better via blog, but it's nice to be able to get a few stories into how all these images came about.

Bridget is a graduating Senior this year! She is so full of positive energy, she is gorgeous and also very willing to go ahead with my visions for her stylized Senior Portraits. We ventured to Downtown Frankfort which is always a great, reliable source to use as a location. I love going around the neighborhood and finding little spots I may not have seen before. This was such a laid back and really fun shoot for us both!

Our second location took us to a really great barn area I found randomly in Mokena! Just a small barn/silo with a great field area. Super tough to walk through everything since it's still all dried up from Winter at this point. We celebrated "golden hour" perfectly. I absolutely loved how well the sun was hitting this area the last hour of daylight. Perfection to say the least!

Every time I leave a session and I am heading home, I go over everything in my head. I felt so great after this shoot and truly realized this is my calling. If I could and I hope to, I would love to just be focused as a Senior Portrait Photographer.


  1. How did you do to achieve such a beautiful BW?
    Please, i asked you in your flickr account but i had no answer.
    If i was not from another country i swear i would pay you for some photoshop lessons (i know you teach) but it's really impossible to do so.

    Please, share this secret with a big fan.

  2. That B&W action is from Jordan Voth. He sells his actions, check him out! :) Thanks for the compliments and support!

  3. I'll do some research about these actions.
    Thank you very much!