May 13, 2011

Sammie C. | Aurora + Batavia Portrait Photographer

Meet the lovely Sammie! She was one of the models I found off of Model Mayhem. That website is totally hit or miss for me. I kept getting or finding people who really didn't suite my style. As much as I love fashion work, I need to keep my work a certain way across the board since I do offer services to families with children :)

Sammie had such a stellar style and as soon as I found her on MM, I immediately sent her a message asking about wanting to collaborate on a shoot! I knew exactly the style I wanted to go with. It started out with us just wanting to do some Urban Exploration of Downtown Aurora. I wanted a cool street style to the photos. A few hours before the shoot, I did some research as I was curious to find just one more spot for us to use. I knew Batavia was near by and had some amazing abandoned barns. Just a few minutes later I found a barn that had the exact location of where it was located! I was so stoked!!

We hit up Downtown Aurora for about an hour and found tons of spots in just a small area. I can't wait to go back there again and keep exploring. I already know there was a few spots I wasn't able to check out because of time but that's for next time! :) We enjoyed ourselves, listened to some music and had a totally chill time! We then took about a 25 minute drive out into the middle of no where where we found the most incredible abandoned farm! Literally perfection. We got there with about 35-40 minutes of sun left so we had the softest, most warm light you could imagine. There's a reason why I make my clients shoot at this time of day. The photos speak for themselves!

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