January 21, 2011

Kristyn | Joliet Senior Portrait Photographer

Winter has most definitely been a challenge for me. I can go 2 weeks without a session and it just kills me that I'm not out doing what I love to do. Thankfully, it's almost over!! Kristyn was a doll and offered to do a session with me on this very cold December day, but you know what? She rocked it like no other! I love the determination and inspiration all my young models have. She has always been a pleasure to photograph and I wanted this time to be about her amazing sense of style!

We took ourselves to Joliet, which more and more becomes one of my favorite locations! We braved the cold for an hour or so but I truly don't think you can tell! Urban locations are always going to be my favorite. There's just so many ways to incorporate the surroundings and still get pops of color in this dreary, cold winter we're having.

Big thanks to Kristyn for always being so much fun and talented in front of the camera!

ETC. Inc. | Frankfort Product Photographer

ETC. Inc. is a really amazing consignment shop in Frankfort that is owned and operated by some of my fabulous clients. They have such a great variety of items and are huge supporters of the local artists and designers who make these items! I had the pleasure of taking my first visit to the store about a month ago and took some product photos for them to have on their website!

Now, products are something I don't usually photograph but I really enjoyed it!! Most, if not all of these images are "freelensed" with my 50mm 1.8 lens. I think it really helped bring a better focus to the items and make them feel more artistic in a sense! Big, HUGE thank you's to Kirsten and Tania. They allowed me to leave my business cards at the store so I in return, had to do this for them! I'm pleasantly surprised and wouldn't mind doing something like this again in the future!

ETC. Inc.
19806 S. Harlem Avenue
Frankfort, IL 60423

January 19, 2011

Luisa & Nick | Chicago Wedding Photographer

Not many people know me as a Wedding Photographer. It's been crossing my mind ever since I began things last Spring if this was something I could ever do. I was very lucky to get a "trial" of sorts when I attended my beautiful cousin Luisa and her husband Nick's wedding! They both have always and will always support me as an artist and I can't thank them enough for that.

Being that I was a guest and not the hired photographer, I took my chances and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome! This day truly helped me realize that weddings are something I can do. I am officially booking a small handful this year to really test the waters. I am so nervous but so excited at the same time! It's a completely different atmosphere than a usual session but I know I can bring forth my talents to the fullest to give these brides & grooms the images that they'll love :)

Emmalee | Minooka Infant Photographer

This little lady is probably one of the most precious little girls I have ever met! Just three months old at the time and her smile could light up the room! She was in the best mood for mommy and I so we were able to get some grins, and when I say grins - I mean BIG, giggly laughs!

Emmalee and her mommy have such a beautiful connection in these photos. Probably some of my favorite parent & child shots to date. Especially the first one where they lock eyes together. I love when babies make true eye contact. They can say so much with their beautiful eyes! :)

I still can't believe my name is out there all the way down in Minooka, IL. Then I've had another client from St. Charles, IL. I guess I'm covering lots of grounds these days! I just love being able to go to new places and meet new people. Even if it's over an hour away,  I love taking those trips!