January 19, 2011

Rosa | Brookfield Portrait Photographer

Meet my lovely cousin, Rosa! She has always been there for me as not only family but as a huge supporter of my work as a photographer. Before I even began things, she was spreading the word about me to her friends and making huge efforts to make sure my name got out there. How incredibly awesome is that? She didn't have to, but that's what family does. We stick by each other :)

Rosa got the lucky fate of being my 100th Session - and what a session it was! We had such a fun time starting off at a forest preserve and found this really cool building, which I like to think was meant to be. We then took *frozen* selves to downtown LaGrange and hit up a whole slough of urban locations. I don't know why it took me so long to go back there. There's just so much to work with! Definitely making another stop there come Springtime!

I am so grateful for all of the incredible people and sessions I've had over the past 9 months! We're almost at the year mark and I cannot even fathom that! So many incredible things in store this year.

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