January 19, 2011

Emmalee | Minooka Infant Photographer

This little lady is probably one of the most precious little girls I have ever met! Just three months old at the time and her smile could light up the room! She was in the best mood for mommy and I so we were able to get some grins, and when I say grins - I mean BIG, giggly laughs!

Emmalee and her mommy have such a beautiful connection in these photos. Probably some of my favorite parent & child shots to date. Especially the first one where they lock eyes together. I love when babies make true eye contact. They can say so much with their beautiful eyes! :)

I still can't believe my name is out there all the way down in Minooka, IL. Then I've had another client from St. Charles, IL. I guess I'm covering lots of grounds these days! I just love being able to go to new places and meet new people. Even if it's over an hour away,  I love taking those trips!

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