June 12, 2011

Rest In Peace.

I keep crying every time I see this photo of this gorgeous young woman. I can't help but get chills in the symbolism of the beautiful light surrounding her...It feels so angelic. It's a subtle reminder of the amazing presence you left here on this Earth. I may have only met you a few times, but in those times, I could just feel how much of an impact your smile and personality meant to all of your friends and family. YOU are their sunshine and will continue to be from heaven.

This photo means so much more to me now. Every photograph I ever take from this point on has SUCH a stronger meaning. Life can change within seconds and we all need to remember to be grateful for the time we have now. You have a special place in my heart, Julie. May your beautiful soul rest in peace.

**It was brought to my attention today at your wake, that there is a face of some sorts above your right shoulder. I swear it looks just like you somehow <3 You really are looking over us.

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