February 8, 2011

Vinnie | Joliet Portrait Photographer

When people see my work as a whole, there aren't many guys in there. Nothing against boys, they just seem to shy away from the camera but Vinnie sure showed that guys can definitely bring it and have a blast while doing so! It was a great change of pace for me to work with a different subject and helped me test my creativity in a different manner.

Downtown Joliet has always and will always be a favorite location of mine. I'm just beginning to explore it more and more - and I keep finding these awesome spots which are completely hidden and beautiful in their own ways! Winter has definitely brought me some obstacles but I've come to agree that it at least brings forth one good thing....snow is the perfect natural reflector. I haven't had the need to bring my own reflector around in my past several sessions because the snow did that job for me quite well!

I am definitely ready to get back to warmer weather. It just suites my style. I need warmth, colors, sun flares, etc. I miss it!

All images shot with a Canon 5D Mark II + 70-200mm 2.8L


  1. Very nice job Stephanie, if only you chose a better looking subject...

  2. Awe, well that's not very nice! ALL of my models are gorgeous.

  3. Hi Stepahanie, great work..and your model looks very handsome!
    Cheers, Jerry