October 5, 2011

Meghan | Chicago Teen Fashion Photographer

On Sunday evening, I realized that Monday was my only day "off" this week without a shoot and decided I didn't want that day "off". I was remembering to myself that I never got to do any of my Fall Fashionista shoots with my recent surgery that put me out for a week. Once I saw Meghan online, I immediately messaged her my crazy idea to throw a shoot together the following evening. She accepted and the rest is now history ;)

I always feel like the shoots that are literally thrown together last minute and have no real "outline" end up becoming my favorites and allow me to feel the most creative. Meghan arrives with a few outfits that worked perfectly for both of the locations I had in mind. We took ourselves into Downtown Lockport to explore a new area I was introduced to and I just loved what we were getting! As soon as we were on to the next outfit, I knew exactly where to take us! I knew the light would be perfection, and that the setting would go wonderfully with the vibe we were already going with.

About 30 minutes into the second outfit, I decided I wanted the images to have more of a "Seventeen Magazine" or "Teen Vouge" effect to them where I was a "Back to School" Fall spread. Granted, I am NO where near ever being in a magazine as that, it was fun to be inspired. I passed over my Kelly Moore camera bag which literally was the cherry on top for this outfit. We took a stroll through this historic area, the light was perfect, and everything just fell into place.

The colors in this set make me swoon! I wish Fall could last forever and the trees always look like this! It's literally a dream when I look at these photos.

Enjoy this set with a little music!


  1. Hi Stephanie! Just wanted to leave a comment and let you know that I LOVE your work! It has such a relaxed and effortless feel to it, although I know a lot of work goes into making it look that way. And you post processing is perfection. Keep doing what you do!

  2. These are GORGEOUS. Your work is really stunning. ( :

  3. Every photo shoots you made are really fabulous! Even the clothes are stunning! Keep it up!

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