August 26, 2011

Fall & Winter Portrait Specials!

Call me crazy, but my schedule is already beginning to book up for the Fall and soon after Winter will be here. That being said, I wanted to make sure I announced both of the following specials with enough time for people to plan out accordingly! I have so many wonderful people to thank for keeping me this busy so this is thanks to YOU guys!

I know first hand how we all tend to spend a bit more money during the Fall and Winter Seasons. Holidays are here left and right, food is in abundance, candy, decorations, gifts, etc. The list could go on and on. Sometimes, we forget to prioritize our needs and photographs get put on the back burner. I'm hoping that both of these specials are going to change your mind on that and get you in front of the camera. Everyone deserves some awesome photos!!

The Fall Special is catered directly to the Class of 2012!  I know many of you guys love that gorgeous Fall scenery and want those cooler temperatures, plus we all know how amazing Fall fashion is ;) Grab yourself a Fall Portrait Session with Stephanie Pana to bring out the best in yourself. I specialize in High School Senior Portraits and promise to bring you something completely unique and special to just YOU! All Senior Portrait Sessions between October 1st - November 30th will receive this amazing $50 off special!

Being from Chicago, we have some pretty terrible Winters around these parts. I know everyones' favorite thing to do is cuddle up and home and stay there ;) This Winter Special is perfect for just that! I literally come straight to your front door. We turn your own home into own personal "studio" and have a blast being in the comfort of your own environment. Not only is this great for the babies but even better for you! Book your Indoor Baby Portraits between December 1st - February 1st for this incredible offer!

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