September 9, 2011

Alex | Lincoln-Way East Senior Portrait Photographer

I have been very lucky to have been spoiled the past week or so with some absolutely fantastic models, but also I rented two fabulous lenses which have been making a WORLD of difference in my work. So, it feels at least. Unfortunately, I had to return them this morning :(

The majority of this shoot is with the 70-200 2.8L and the 35 1.4L. Both are insanely awesome pieces of glass. Only wish I could own at least one. Though when it comes down to it, I couldn't even decide between them. I loved them both for separate reasons. I felt like I really came into my own this past week with my sessions and tried to kick it up another notch. Even if it's small, minor adjustments, I'm just glad when I feel like I'm expanding.

High School Seniors will forever and always be my favorite. One day, I will focus all my creativity on JUST that. One day :) I'm just trying to transition into it but I still love so many other types of portraiture as well. Oh, decisions.

This session is of the ever so gorgeous, Alex. She is a 2012 Senior and absolutely beautiful in front of the camera. This was a mixture of Senior Portraits and a little bit of some work for a possible modeling portfolio. I mean, she totally knocked it out of the park. She should definitely be on the cover of a magazine ;)



  1. Great session! Totally loving your work!!!

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